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Diamonds – Fancy Cut Diamonds

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Diamonds and marriage proposals go together like, well love and marriage. Speaking of marriage, do you plan to buy her a diamond engagement ring? Have you looked at engagement rings? Do you plan to give her a round diamond or shop for a fancy cut diamond for her engagement ring? Read up on diamond shapes for her engagement ring. See below for info on clarity enhanced diamonds and color enhanced diamonds.

Round Diamonds

Round diamonds, also known as round brilliant diamonds symbolize love, marriage, happiness, perfection, hope, etc. For sparkling beauty, versatility, the round diamond is your natural choice. No matter what you wear, the round diamond is always perfectly matched in an elegant evening gown, at the tennis court or even working in the garden… the round diamond always looks just picture perfect!

Princess Cut Diamonds

Princess Cut diamonds offer brilliance and project an image of power and glamor. Princess cut diamonds have pointed corners and are usually square in shape although some are more square, others more rectangular. You can compare the length-to-width ratio as a way to compare Princess Cut diamonds and find the best one for your engagement ring. For a square looking Princess Cut diamonds, choose a length-to-width ratios between 1 and 1.10. For a more rectangular shape, choose length-to-width ratios greater than 1.11.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

Emerald cut diamonds are specially cut to create a unique brilliance. This shape highlights the clarity of the diamond. A flaw on an emerald diamond is often more apparent to the naked eye than it would be on a round cut diamond. Emerald cut diamonds also vary in how rectangular they are. A rule of thumb for choosing a nice looking Emerald cut diamond is to look for the length-to-width ratio between 1.30 and 1.40.

Asscher Cut Diamonds

Asscher Cut Diamonds resemble emerald-cut diamonds only they are square. An Asscher cut diamond reveals the clarity of the diamond like an emerald cut, showing flaws and the color of the stone. Unless the diamond’s color is very good, you may detect the light yellowish color in your diamond. The ideal cut for an Asscher Cut Diamond is a length-to-width ratio between 1.00 and 1.05.

Oval Cut Diamonds

Oval cut diamond offer brilliance similar to a round diamond and are popular because their length accentuates long, slender fingers. Oval cut diamonds look best when the length-to-width ratios between 1.33 and 1.66.

Marquise Cut Diamond

marquise Cut Diamonds maximize carat weight and give the appearance of a much larger diamond than other diamond shapes. marquise diamond looks beautiful set with round or pear-shaped side stones. Also, the marquise diamond makes fingers look long and slender. marquise Cut Diamonds may show a slight color in lower color grades. The preferred length-to-width ratio on the marquise diamond between 1.75 and 2.25 for stones pleasing to the eye.

Pear Cut Diamond

Pear Cut Diamond diamonds have a rounded end and a single pointed end. A long pear shape diamond also creates a slimming effect on the fingers. If the color grade is not high enough, color may be slightly visible in the pear shaped diamond. The preferred ratio for pear shaped diamonds is a length-to-width ratio between 1.50 and 1.75.

Radiant Cut Diamond

Radiant Cut Diamond have trimmed corners and are very versatile diamonds. A radiant-cut diamond looks beautiful set with either baguette or round side-diamonds. Radiant-cut diamonds vary in shape and for square shaped stone, look for length-to-width ratios between 1 and 1.10. If you prefer more of a rectangular shape, look for length-to-width ratios greater than 1.11.

Heart Cut Diamond

heart cut diamonds are nearly round, each has the advantage of having a nearly round pavilion that provides its beautiful brilliance. When choosing a color grade, color may be slightly visible in its corners. Look for length-to-width ratios between .90 and 1.10 for heart-shaped diamonds that are pleasing to the eye.

Cushion Cut Diamond

Cushion Cut Diamonds were popular a century ago, cushion-cut diamonds (also known as “pillow-cut” diamonds) have rounded corners and larger facets to increase their brilliance under candlelight. Cushion Cut Diamonds vary in their degree of rectangularity. For cushion-cut diamonds pleasing to the eye, look for length-to-width ratios between 1.1 and 1.2.
Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds look better, cost less and only your jeweler knows for sure you have a clarity enhanced diamond. People today think nothing of plastic surgery to enhance their appearance. The same apples to diamonds… You can purchase a clarity enhanced stone that projects the beauty and brilliance of diamond with high clarity. Here’s how it works…

A microscopic amount of material is inserted into the imperfection with the same optical refraction index as the diamond. When light attempts to pass through a non-enhanced diamond that has a feather, the light hits the feather and reflects in a number of directions. That is why we see the feather, and the diamond doesn’t appear to be clean. With a Clarity Enhanced diamond, the light passes through the natural feather because the material used for the enhancement has the same optical characteristics as the diamond. This makes the enhanced imperfections invisible. How’s that for technology?

Color Enhanced Diamonds

Color Enhanced Diamonds are natural diamonds, treated by an electron beam to improve their color. Color Enhanced Diamonds retain their original transparency and brilliance sell the price is right! The colors of treated diamonds look better than some natural color diamonds, ideal for contemporary fine jewelry. The diamond’s cut and clarity are not affected in color enhanced diamonds. Color Enhanced Round Diamonds are offered in sizes from .10 carat to over 1 carat.

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