Latest Diamonds Thefts in the News

Diamonds are some of the most sought after things in the world. In fact, many people will do just about anything to get their hands on these brilliant rocks, and this includes dishonest activities like robbery, burgling, and deception. Here are some of the latest larcenous stories of diamond theft in recent history.


Rare pink diamond stolen in Cairns


On February 15, 2014 a very rare pink argyle stone was stolen from a shop in Cairns, Australia. It happened in The Diamond Gallery at about 11:00 am, when a man came into the shop and started talking to a female employee about diamonds. She showed him the rare gem and he forcibly took it from her and fled on a mountain bike. Pink argyle diamonds are extremely rare and usually have about twenty times the value of normal diamonds.


Large diamond theft in New Jersey, USA.


On Valentine’s Day of 2014, thieves broke into a Route 4 jewellery store and hooked a cable to the safe. Using a pickup truck they had stolen, they drug the safe outside and loaded it into a different vehicle with a piece of stolen heavy equipment. Approximately 250,000 dollars (150,000 pounds) worth of jewellery was stolen.


The theft was facilitated because New Jersey is in the process of cleaning up after a major snow event in the American Northeast. The thieves backed the truck through a glass window to gain entry to the store. The truck and equipment were left behind.


Route 4 is a large jeweller and a couple of years ago, a major heist occurred. Thieves made off with an estimated one million dollars (600,000 pounds) worth of jewellery.


Diamond Heists in Recent History


In 2013 two major diamond heists occurred. In fact, they were very newsworthy because of the value of the items stolen.


Cannes Theft


On July of 2013, over 34 million pounds in precious gems and diamonds were stolen in France. The theft took place at the Carlton International Hotel in the city of Cannes. This is one of the largest European jewellery heists to occur in some time. Not long after, it was discovered the losses were much greater and in fact, were around 81.5 million pounds.


It started when a jewel exhibition was taking place at the hotel, presented by the Leviev Diamond House. Around 12 pm, a man with a gun entered the area where the jewels were located. After threatening those there with the gun, the robber placed the jewels into a suitcase and exited the building in a hurry.


Brinks Heist in Brussels


In February of 2013, eight men wearing masks stole around 30 million pounds of diamonds and gems from a Brinks truck at the airport. The jewels were about to be loaded onto a jet headed for Switzerland.


The men had machine guns and were dressed as law enforcement officers. They knew exactly what they were looking for, as they used two vehicles and went through an airport security fence to get to the plane. They worked quickly and in a few minutes time disappeared back through the fence hole they previously made. However, in May of 2013 most of the loot was recovered.









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