Non Traditional Diamonds Engagement Rings

Traditional diamond engagement rings seem to never go out of style. Still, there are some brides-to-be that have an appreciation for the not so traditional look. If you’re one of these women, you may want to take a look at some of the non-traditional celebrity diamond engagement rings to draw some inspiration from.

One of the most non-traditional diamond rings in Hollywood would have to be the diamond engagement/wedding ring that Christina Applegate received when her and her long-time beau, Martyn LeNoble exchanged I do’s in February of 2013.

Her wedding ring has got to be one of the most unique in all of Hollywood. It was crafted by famed Jeweler, Neil Lane. The ring is made from platinum and crafted into a sleeve-like design. Then he took Christina’s engagement ring and fit it inside a sleeve of tiny diamonds so the two rings became one. The ring is absolutely stunning, and there is no other one of its kind.

Diamonds Engagement ringAnother non-traditional diamond engagement ring is that of Artisan, Jessica Simpson. Her ring was also designed by Neil Lane, and is a stunning 5-carat ruby ring with a pear-shaped diamond on either side of the ruby. It’s not the traditional diamond stone that many are accustomed to getting, but there’s not much that’s traditional about Jessica so it’s a perfect ring for her.

Not to be outdone by Eric Johnson’s beautiful unique ruby engagement ring to Jessica is the non-traditional ring Angelina Jolie received from Brad Pitt. This ring is unique in every sense of the word.

Crafted by famed jeweller and designer, Robert Procop, this beautiful diamond engagement ring is estimated to be worth $500,000.00. The ring is constructed of emerald diamonds that gracefully fall along the sides of the band on either side of the stunning center stone; and elongated tablet shaped diamond; non-traditional yet stunning and memorable.

One of the most famous non-traditional engagement rings in recent years is actually one that made its appearance decades ago. The ring that Prince William gave to his beautiful bride to be, Kate Middleton, originally belonged to William’s beloved mother, Princess Dianna.

The ring is an astonishing 18-carat oval sapphire that is surrounded by 14 diamonds. The setting is 18-karat white gold, and is a truly remarkable ring by any standards.

Don’t feel committed to purchasing a traditional ring. If you want a non-traditional diamond engagement ring, you can certainly find one if you take the time to look around. If you don’t like what you see, you always have the option of designing one on your own.

Non-traditional diamond engagement rings are some of the most beautiful rings ever created. Their uniqueness sets them apart from other rings, and when you give a woman such a precious ring as one of these, you’re letting her know that you think she is a beautifully unique person herself.

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