Why We Love Diamonds So Much

Take a close look at a natural diamond and you will see something unique and amazing. For thousands of years these brilliant stones have captured the imaginations and hearts of mankind. Why do we love these jewels so much? The answer to that question is many-sided and perhaps as multifaceted as the unique stones themselves.


Great Value


Sapphires and diamonds Pics Yellow ringSupply and demand are a part of economics and because diamonds are a scarce commodity, they are valuable. In fact, the higher quality stone you possess, the more it is worth. Like fine paintings hanging on your wall, precious stones have the ability to impress and make an impact on the soul.


In ancient India, people valued the stones for their ability to refract light and for their hardness. In Sanskrit, diamonds literally mean thunderbolt weapon of Indra, an ancient Vedic warrior god. Humans have placed great value on the stones as far back as three thousand years ago, and perhaps longer.


Special Powers


Over the centuries many myths and legends have come about from these fabulous rocks. Some civilizations believed that the gems had unusual powers and could cast spells. Others were convinced that the rocks were so special, they could heal illness by simply touching them to the skin.




People love precious stones because they are a luxury. Almost everyone enjoys being pampered from time to time, as this helps to greatly increase the enjoyment that one gets from life. Luxuries are that “something extra” that tells the world you can afford more than just the basics. In other words, you have achieved a certain amount of financial success.


Feeling of importance


Buying diamonds is a special occasion. Just the act of shopping for precious stones can make one feel important. Many people become excited at the prospect of owning precious stones.




Appreciation of beauty separates humans from all other animals on the planet. People are intrinsically drawn to shiny objects, and they can have the power to hypnotize. Just the sight of a new car in your driveway can make you feel better about yourself, and the same is true for quality jewelry and loose diamonds.




If you have something of great value you can be the center of attention. When a woman shows off a fabulous diamond engagement ring it gives her a feeling of pride. Also, the fact that one is the source of envy among friends and acquaintances can enhance the experience a great deal.




Diamonds are one of the most versatile types of gifts you can give. For instance, they make great rings and bracelets. They can adorn just about any type of jewelry, making it better and increasing its value.




Whether you choose loose diamonds for sale or ones already in beautiful jewelry, you are making a wise investment. These stones will hold their value and it will increase over the course of time. Few things in life are beautiful, luxurious, durable, and excellent investments. Is it no wonder that we love diamonds so much?


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