Popular engagement rings of 2013

The most common engagement rings for 2012 and 2013 have a single stone diamond; also called solitaire diamond. This single stone diamond is set exclusively and raised visibly above the band. It conspicuously shows the diamond, but does not suppress it. In addition, there are single stone diamonds that are encircled by smaller diamonds. DeBeers carries a popular three stone diamond engagement ring that has also become quite an admiration among women. The three stones are representative of the past, the present and the future of the relationship.

63_setEmerald cut

The emerald cut diamond engagement ring is also widely loved. It has a rectangular formation and marginally cut corners. In the past, it was used solely for emeralds, but has become prevalent with diamonds because of its classy appearance. There are different designs in the most contemporary bridal sets and other distinctive styles. The most customary setting is arranged and presented as a definitive four- prong item. It makes the stone steadier and protects its fragile edges. You will usually find it coordinated with accent stones because of its lengthened shape and narrowed baguettes.

What are they made of?

Engagement rings these days are generally made of gold; white, platinum or yellow.  Platinum is the strongest with gold following after. Platinum, however, tends to get more scratches than gold, even though it can withstand the daily wear and tear. It is also very rare and is typically more expensive. To the naked eye, white gold and platinum may look exactly the same. However, after a while, white gold will go back to its previous yellow color. White gold is more fashionable than yellow gold and less costly than Platinum.

The cut

The most renowned cut is round diamond. It has a visible brilliance in all the available shapes. Next in line is the princess cut, which is square in shape with a lot of fire and sheen. The most romantic would be the simple round cut, which is often used to show the person you love that you put a lot of hard work into choosing this prominent piece.

177_2011-3-28_4-23-5Comparable to the emerald cut is the princess cut, Asscher. A lot of people are confused with both of these cuts. However, to distinguish them, the emerald cut is like a long rectangle with cropped corners and the princess cut, Asscher is square with no trimming.

The princess cut engagement rings are a distinctive grouping of exceptional cut and impeccable design. These have become quite popular among women from all walks of life. Many celebrities and party goers have made this piece their jewel statement on the red carpet and on the party scene. It is thought to be the ideal blend of sophistication, tradition, style and class.


The three stone diamond engagement rings are thought to be the symbol of everlasting love. Of course, every ring means the same to the bride-to-be. However, this demonstrates the love you share in the past will be similar in the present and in years to come.

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