Loose Diamonds For Sale – Get Them For Less Online

The days of the wealthy and famous being the only class of people to own loose diamonds is long gone. Loose diamonds are more popular with any class of people than ever before.

This is because they not only make a great investment, but people have come to realize just how easy it is to design their own jewelry using loose diamonds. Here are a few tips on how to get loose diamonds online, and why doing so can save you hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars.


The 4 C’s

Before you search out any loose diamonds it’s important to understand how diamonds are graded. The 4 C’s are an industry-wide grading system used to inspect, and grade diamonds. Clarity, color, cut and carat are the main attributes of all diamonds. A diamond is inspected for each of these features and graded according to the degree or place of where it falls on the scale.

Clarity refers to the degree of imperfections (Or lack thereof) a diamond has. Color refers to the amount of color saturation a diamond has. Cut refers to the quality of the cut used to shape the diamonds, and carat refers to the number of points a diamond is given. For instance, a diamond that has been assessed 350 points would be considered a 3.5 carat diamond.

Familiarize yourself with the 4 C’s so you’ll know what to look for when comparison shopping online for diamonds. The higher grade a diamond gets in each category, the more valuable it will be.

The Rappaport Diamond Report

The best place to find the current price of loose diamonds is in the Rappaport Diamond Report. This is another industry-wide tool used by all diamond retailers and wholesalers to set prices on loose diamonds.

It’s the most accurate, and up-to-date pricing guide for diamonds, and a reputable diamond dealer will allow you access to one; this includes online diamond retailers. If you’re a little nervous about shopping for loose diamonds online, the Rappaport Diamond Pricing Guide Report may be just the confidence booster you need to find great prices on loose diamonds.

Why shop for loose diamonds online?

Simply put, online retailers don’t have to invest in pricy store-front displays, they don’t have to hire front counter personnel, and they don’t have to pay rental prices on traditional brick and mortar stores. These savings filter down to you when you shop online for loose diamonds.

Again, it’s important to understand how diamonds are graded, and ultimately priced. The Rappaport Diamond Report, and knowledge of the 4 C’s, are your best tools to help you do this.

Knowing what is a good price and what isn’t a good price for loose diamonds will give you all the power you need to save hundreds, and maybe even thousands, of dollars on loose diamonds when you shop online.

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