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Kelly Umbers and Josh Montano Are getting engaged The proposal – we went down to queenscliff where we first met, out for dinner and then he proposed on the end of the pier just lovely

Diamonds and marriage proposals go together like, well love and marriage. Speaking of marriage, do you plan to buy her a diamond engagement ring? Have you looked at engagement rings? Do you plan to give her a round diamond or shop for a fancy cut diamond for her engagement ring? Read up on diamond shapes for her engagement ring. See below for info on clarity enhanced diamonds and color enhanced diamonds.

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Diamond Shapes

With different ring settings matching different diamond shapes,the choices are endless. The way a diamond looks is affected by the way the diamond cut is presented. Before deciding on an engagement ring shape, read the guidelines presented below for buying diamond engagement rings.

Round Diamonds

The Classic diamond Cut of all the diamond shapes. Round diamond shapes are the most popular engagement ring diamond shapes sold. The depth percentage should range between 58 to 63 percent and the table percentage should range between 55 to 64 percent. Perfectionists, however, will look for depth of 59 through 62 percent and table of 56 through 58 percent. Most people choose this type of diamond cut. Browse a selection of Round Diamonds.

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Marriage proposals and engagement rings:

Mary Walker and Mark Land met in Tasmania when David was on an end of season baseball trip. Mary was out with some friends, and met Mark and his friends at a bar. The relationship began with an innocent email, and Mary eventually moved to Melbourne so they can be together.

David planned the marriage proposal took take place on Christmas Day underneath the Christmas tree. For this special occasion and Mary, he designed the most beautiful engagement ring!

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Why We Love Diamonds So Much

Take a close look at a natural diamond and you will see something unique and amazing. For thousands of years these brilliant stones have captured the imaginations and hearts of mankind. Why do we love these jewels so much? The answer to that question is many-sided and perhaps as multifaceted as the unique stones themselves.


Great Value


Sapphires and diamonds Pics Yellow ringSupply and demand are a part of economics and because diamonds are a scarce commodity, they are valuable. In fact, the higher quality stone you possess, the more it is worth. Like fine paintings hanging on your wall, precious stones have the ability to impress and make an impact on the soul.


In ancient India, people valued the stones for their ability to refract light and for their hardness. In Sanskrit, diamonds literally mean thunderbolt weapon of Indra, an ancient Vedic warrior god. Humans have placed great value on the stones as far back as three thousand years ago, and perhaps longer.


Special Powers


Over the centuries many myths and legends have come about from these fabulous rocks. Some civilizations believed that the gems had unusual powers and could cast spells. Others were convinced that the rocks were so special, they could heal illness by simply touching them to the skin.




People love precious stones because they are a luxury. Almost everyone enjoys being pampered from time to time, as this helps to greatly increase the enjoyment that one gets from life. Luxuries are that “something extra” that tells the world you can afford more than just the basics. In other words, you have achieved a certain amount of financial success.


Feeling of importance


Buying diamonds is a special occasion. Just the act of shopping for precious stones can make one feel important. Many people become excited at the prospect of owning precious stones.




Appreciation of beauty separates humans from all other animals on the planet. People are intrinsically drawn to shiny objects, and they can have the power to hypnotize. Just the sight of a new car in your driveway can make you feel better about yourself, and the same is true for quality jewelry and loose diamonds.




If you have something of great value you can be the center of attention. When a woman shows off a fabulous diamond engagement ring it gives her a feeling of pride. Also, the fact that one is the source of envy among friends and acquaintances can enhance the experience a great deal.




Diamonds are one of the most versatile types of gifts you can give. For instance, they make great rings and bracelets. They can adorn just about any type of jewelry, making it better and increasing its value.




Whether you choose loose diamonds for sale or ones already in beautiful jewelry, you are making a wise investment. These stones will hold their value and it will increase over the course of time. Few things in life are beautiful, luxurious, durable, and excellent investments. Is it no wonder that we love diamonds so much?


Latest Diamonds Thefts in the News

Diamonds are some of the most sought after things in the world. In fact, many people will do just about anything to get their hands on these brilliant rocks, and this includes dishonest activities like robbery, burgling, and deception. Here are some of the latest larcenous stories of diamond theft in recent history.


Rare pink diamond stolen in Cairns


On February 15, 2014 a very rare pink argyle stone was stolen from a shop in Cairns, Australia. It happened in The Diamond Gallery at about 11:00 am, when a man came into the shop and started talking to a female employee about diamonds. She showed him the rare gem and he forcibly took it from her and fled on a mountain bike. Pink argyle diamonds are extremely rare and usually have about twenty times the value of normal diamonds.


Large diamond theft in New Jersey, USA.


On Valentine’s Day of 2014, thieves broke into a Route 4 jewellery store and hooked a cable to the safe. Using a pickup truck they had stolen, they drug the safe outside and loaded it into a different vehicle with a piece of stolen heavy equipment. Approximately 250,000 dollars (150,000 pounds) worth of jewellery was stolen.


The theft was facilitated because New Jersey is in the process of cleaning up after a major snow event in the American Northeast. The thieves backed the truck through a glass window to gain entry to the store. The truck and equipment were left behind.


Route 4 is a large jeweller and a couple of years ago, a major heist occurred. Thieves made off with an estimated one million dollars (600,000 pounds) worth of jewellery.


Diamond Heists in Recent History


In 2013 two major diamond heists occurred. In fact, they were very newsworthy because of the value of the items stolen.


Cannes Theft


On July of 2013, over 34 million pounds in precious gems and diamonds were stolen in France. The theft took place at the Carlton International Hotel in the city of Cannes. This is one of the largest European jewellery heists to occur in some time. Not long after, it was discovered the losses were much greater and in fact, were around 81.5 million pounds.


It started when a jewel exhibition was taking place at the hotel, presented by the Leviev Diamond House. Around 12 pm, a man with a gun entered the area where the jewels were located. After threatening those there with the gun, the robber placed the jewels into a suitcase and exited the building in a hurry.


Brinks Heist in Brussels


In February of 2013, eight men wearing masks stole around 30 million pounds of diamonds and gems from a Brinks truck at the airport. The jewels were about to be loaded onto a jet headed for Switzerland.


The men had machine guns and were dressed as law enforcement officers. They knew exactly what they were looking for, as they used two vehicles and went through an airport security fence to get to the plane. They worked quickly and in a few minutes time disappeared back through the fence hole they previously made. However, in May of 2013 most of the loot was recovered.









How To Save Money When Buying Engagement Rings On Line

If you’re a consumer who liked to shop for champagne but only has a wine budget, you may be shopping in all the wrong places. Purchasing diamond engagement rings shouldn’t put anyone in the poorhouse. If you want to know the best way to save money when buying diamond engagement rings; shop for one online.

Like retailers in other industries, more and more diamond retailors are hanging up their traditional store keys, and opting to do business via the internet. This could mean big savings for you. Take a look at how it works.

Have you ever heard of the trickle effect? Simply put, it means that when something happens above, the effects of it slowly trickle down and ultimately have an effect on the things below it. In this instance, the trickle effect means that diamond retailers save thousands of dollars by doing business online, and that savings trickles down to you.

Because these business owners are saving cash by not having to shell out money on storefront windows or pay well-dressed employees to man their counters, they can offer better prices on diamond engagement rings in an attempt to beat out the competition. This leads to the next benefit of shopping for engagement rings online; the competitive angle.

What’s the competitive angle? This means that as more retailers turn to the internet to do business, there is more competition among them. Remember, each one of those diamond retailers wants your business, and the best way to get it is to offer better prices than their competitors. This is called having a competitive edge.

Having a competitive edge means they can afford to offer better prices on diamond engagement rings than other diamond retailers. As each on vies for you interest, the prices are driven lower and lower. This plays right into your hand as an online consumer. Availability is another great reason you can save so much money when buying diamond engagement rings on line.

Not having to worries about counter space, window space or keeping a brick and mortar store clutter free, allows online retailers to stock up more on their wares. This means that the chance of them having exactly what you’re looking for is almost a given each time.

multi-engagement-ringsOnline stores can keep more merchandise in stock at any given time. As such,  there is a much huger selection available to you when shopping for diamond engagement rings on line. Other ways you can save when buying diamonds on line include not having to invest so much time in stores.

When you shop from the comfort of your own home, you don’t have to stand in lines or wait for sales personnel to finish with other customers before they can assist you. That time can be better spent on other areas of your life.

Be sure to make shopping on line a first choice when you set out shopping for diamond engagement rings.


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