How to Buy Diamonds

There are so many types of diamonds available in the market that making the right choice becomes extremely difficult. This step-by-step tutorial will help you select the right diamonds for your needs. Whether you are looking to buy loose diamonds or a diamond engagement ring, these steps will help you find the diamond you want.

1. First decide the right shape. If you are not aware of diamond shapes, then a princess cut or a round cut will be suitable.

2. Now set a minimum carat weight depending upon your choice and budget. If you are planning to get a half carat engagement ring while your loved one is expecting one carat, it will be a huge disappointment. So decide carefully.

3. Begin with a high quality diamond that has the right shape and carat (which you selected in first two steps). If that diamond is too expensive for you, you have to cut back on costs. Make concessions in the following order:

  • Lower diamond clarity: You can measure diamond clarity using a clarity chart. Clarities start with FL (Flawless) and go down to I (Included). Go as far as VS2 clarity (Very Slightly Included) before you make concessions on any other areas.
  • After lowering the clarity, the diamond cost will go down significantly. But if it still doesn’t meet your budget, you can lower the color. The scale normally begins at colorless and goes to light color. You can go down to H (near colorless) before you make changes to the cut.
  • And the last part in buying diamonds is to lower the cut. Cuts are a bit more difficult to understand. You can go as low as round ‘Very Good’ before you return to clarity to make more changes.

Continue doing this process until you find diamonds that actually suit your budget requirements. If you find a diamond that is almost near your budget, but a bit expensive, you can lower the carat as well. A weight difference of less than 10% is hard to find visually.

When you buy diamonds under limited budget, make sure you keep their beauty in mind as well. There is no use buying an extremely low quality diamond. Diamonds are for life so it is best to invest decent money and get a good quality one.


  • Experts say that when diamonds are mounted, the ones in G-H color range appear to be colorless and give better value than D-F color diamonds that are more expensive.
  • When you buy a diamond, look directly in the center. If the diamond looks opaque, or if you see dark rings in the center, it might be because of a bad cut.

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