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Julie Denisenko and Daniel Morris are getting engaged.
How did you meet? with some serious eye contact at a Sydney nightclub!!! đŸ™‚
The proposal – Very romantic and sweet. Richard asked my family first and then popped the question 3 days later at WILDFIRE on one knee in front of a whole table of women who were clapping and gasping at the beautiful diamond ring!

“Diamonds” is ancient Greek for “impossible to tame” (adamas). If your love for your fiance is “impossible to tame” buy her a diamond ring. Mary of Burgundy was the first person in recorded in history to receive diamonds in the form of a diamond ring and loved it! She told all her girlfriends about it and the diamond ring tradition was born. Diamonds were religious icons in India 2,500 years ago and engraving tools from the dawn of history. Read about diamonds here to become a knowledge diamond ring buyer.

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Diamonds are also an important symbol in Tibetan Buddhism, also known as Vajrayana (Diamond Vehicle), and the Diamond Sutra is one of the most popular texts.

The divine or mystical properties of diamonds were revered by ancient cultures seeking to explain the why diamonds hold such beauty and mystique. Greeks believed diamonds were tears of the gods… Romans believed they were splinters of fallen stars… Diamonds were considered gifts of the gods in ancient India… This has not changed at all, for even in modern times, the passionate love people have for diamonds are apparent.
Diamond Cuts – Ancient & Modern

Ancient diamonds look dull compared to today’s brilliant round diamonds and fancy cut diamonds. That’s because new cutting and polishing techniques developed since the 19th century led to today’s exciting diamond cuts – Princess Cut Diamond, Emerald Diamond, Asscher Diamond, Oval Diamond, Marquise Diamond, Pear Diamond, Radiant Diamond, etc.
Diamonds Quality – 4 C’s

Diamond quality quality is commonly judged on the basis of the “four Cs”: carat, clarity, color, and cut. Here is a bried explation of diamond 4 C’s to help you shop for the perfect diamond ring.
Diamonds Clarity

Diamonds clarity reveals how clear diamonds are. Do the diamonds have a mist? Or look crystal clear? Diamonds clarity grades range begin with flawless diamonds clarity viewed by 10X magnification (jeweler’s loupe) and end with flaws you may easily see with your naked eye. It takes years of experience to be able to judge a diamonds clarity and identify the almost invisible flaws within diamonds that reduce their values. Ask to examine several diamonds through a diamond scope, before purchasing your diamond ring.
Diamonds Weight

Diamonds Weight rises quickly with increasing weight. Half carat diamonds may cost more than twice the price of a quarter carat diamonds with the same clarity. Diamonds mines move about 250 tons of earth to find single 1-carat diamonds.
Diamonds Cut

Diamonds cut determine price by shape. Round diamonds may cost less than heart shaped diamonds of the same quality and weight.

Diamonds are the birthstone of people born in April and are given for sixty year anniversaries. Diamonds are mentioned in books and music such as the Beatles’ “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”, and Ian Fleming’s “Diamonds Are Forever”. Diamonds are also the subject of various myths and legends. Family stories and customs are passed down through generations with diamond engagement rings.

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