Design Your Own Vintage Diamond Ring

Design Your Own Vintage Diamond Ring

Now more than ever before, people are choosing to forego purchasing pre-fabricated diamond rings, and opt instead for self-designed diamond rings. This growing trend shows no signs of slowdown, and that’s probably because it’s so easy to design your own diamond ring.

Designing your own vintage diamond ring isn’t complicated. There are a few options you have on how to go about doing it, but anyone can do it. Here’s a quick overview of the process to give you some insight into how it works.

First thing you do is decide whether you want to purchase loose diamonds to fit a setting you’ve already designed, or if you want to purchase loose diamonds and create a setting to compensate them. Either way, you have the freedom to create what most appeals to you.


You may want to consult with a jewelry designer who can give you some sound advice on which method is better for you. Once you’ve decided which approach to take, you can begin to look for loose diamonds for you vintage diamond ring.

Emerald cut, cushion cut, pear-shaped, even a popular princess cut will work well for a vintage ring. You’ll also have to decide which style vintage diamond ring you want.

A three stone diamond ring is a great choice, but so is a single center stone. You may want to choose a halo setting to accentuate your center stone, or depending on the size of it, you may want to leave it alone or add a pave setting. The possibilities are endless so be sure to look around and get some ideas before you commit to anything.

Next, you need to decide on the type of metal to use. The most durable and popular metals are yellow and white gold as well as platinum and titanium. The only metal you should shy away from would be silver. Although silver is a beautiful precious metal, it is soft and isn’t really suited for everyday use such as wearing a ring.

Once you decide on the number and type of diamonds you want for your vintage diamond ring, and you’ve got a setting in mind, it’s time to create your masterpiece. Some people have great success on the internet.

There are many helpful websites where you can go to get hands-on assistance to designing a vintage diamond ring. These sites have live help that can walk you through the process in case you’re a little apprehensive about navigating through it on your own.

You could also ask a specific jeweler in your area to fashion the ring for you. It’s worth noting, however, that you can find some great prices online for this type of undertaking that outweigh any price you’ll fine in a traditional brick and mortar store.

Just remember to shop around, see what’s out there, and use your imagination when you set out to design your own vintage diamond ring.


Money Saving Tips For Buying Loose Diamonds

Like any other thing you set out to purchase, saving money on loose diamonds is always a good thing. Let’s face it, today’s economy doesn’t warrant frivolous spending, and the old adage, “Pinch a Penny” has never been more applicable. So finding ways to save money on loose diamonds is definitely something to look into. Here are 4 great money saving tips for buying loose diamonds.

Shop Online

with-side-finishedThe internet is definitely the place to turn to if you want to find competitive prices on anything. All that competitive pricing drives prices down; and lower prices translate out to big savings. It’s no different with loose diamonds. Shopping for diamonds online is a great place to start when you’re trying to save money on loose diamonds.

Understand the 4 C’s

The 4 C’s of the diamond industry are clarity, cut, color and carat. The fifth C is not always listed and it stands for certification. The 4 C’s are what gemologists use when they inspect and grade diamonds.

A diamond’s clarity, color, cut and carat weight all come into play when a value is placed on a diamond. Learn as much as you can about the 4 C’s so you know what to look for, as well as what to look out for. And, don’t forget the fifth C; when a diamond is certified you can be sure you’re getting what you’re paying for.

Don’t Fall For That!

There are many tricks of the trade shady diamond dealers will use in order to make you believe you’re getting something you’re not really getting. Remember, bigger isn’t necessarily better.

Those 60 – 70% discount clearance prices are sometimes offered on diamonds that have been excessively marked up so it seems like you’re getting a great deal. More importantly than anything else you should understand that diamond certification and diamond appraisal are not the same thing.

As previously stated, when a diamonds are certified this means they have been inspected and grade by an independent gemologist that has no vested interest in the sale of the loose diamonds. In other words, it doesn’t matter to the gemologist how much the diamonds will eventually sell for because they won’t profit from the sale. An appraisal, however, is almost always never an independent, and honest, evaluation of a diamond’s worth.

Most appraisals are performed by the diamond retailer or wholesaler who is selling the loose diamonds; or by someone they know. This means the value they place on the diamonds will ultimately reflect the amount of money the diamonds are sold for; and they stand to directly profit from the sale.  Always ask to see a diamond’s certification. If it doesn’t have one, do yourself a big favor and pass on the offer.

These 4  money saving tips for buying loose diamonds are invaluable, and as long as you stick to them, you should do pretty well at saving money on your loose diamonds.

Popular engagement rings of 2013

The most common engagement rings for 2012 and 2013 have a single stone diamond; also called solitaire diamond. This single stone diamond is set exclusively and raised visibly above the band. It conspicuously shows the diamond, but does not suppress it. In addition, there are single stone diamonds that are encircled by smaller diamonds. DeBeers carries a popular three stone diamond engagement ring that has also become quite an admiration among women. The three stones are representative of the past, the present and the future of the relationship.

63_setEmerald cut

The emerald cut diamond engagement ring is also widely loved. It has a rectangular formation and marginally cut corners. In the past, it was used solely for emeralds, but has become prevalent with diamonds because of its classy appearance. There are different designs in the most contemporary bridal sets and other distinctive styles. The most customary setting is arranged and presented as a definitive four- prong item. It makes the stone steadier and protects its fragile edges. You will usually find it coordinated with accent stones because of its lengthened shape and narrowed baguettes.

What are they made of?

Engagement rings these days are generally made of gold; white, platinum or yellow.  Platinum is the strongest with gold following after. Platinum, however, tends to get more scratches than gold, even though it can withstand the daily wear and tear. It is also very rare and is typically more expensive. To the naked eye, white gold and platinum may look exactly the same. However, after a while, white gold will go back to its previous yellow color. White gold is more fashionable than yellow gold and less costly than Platinum.

The cut

The most renowned cut is round diamond. It has a visible brilliance in all the available shapes. Next in line is the princess cut, which is square in shape with a lot of fire and sheen. The most romantic would be the simple round cut, which is often used to show the person you love that you put a lot of hard work into choosing this prominent piece.

177_2011-3-28_4-23-5Comparable to the emerald cut is the princess cut, Asscher. A lot of people are confused with both of these cuts. However, to distinguish them, the emerald cut is like a long rectangle with cropped corners and the princess cut, Asscher is square with no trimming.

The princess cut engagement rings are a distinctive grouping of exceptional cut and impeccable design. These have become quite popular among women from all walks of life. Many celebrities and party goers have made this piece their jewel statement on the red carpet and on the party scene. It is thought to be the ideal blend of sophistication, tradition, style and class.


The three stone diamond engagement rings are thought to be the symbol of everlasting love. Of course, every ring means the same to the bride-to-be. However, this demonstrates the love you share in the past will be similar in the present and in years to come.

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